Umbrella Academy’s Pogo Twist Teases A Sparrow Academy Secret



Umbrella Academy’s Pogo Twist Teases A Sparrow Academy Secret

Pogo provided the Hargreeves family’s moral backbone in The Umbrella Academy‘s original history. He might’ve gone along with Viktor’s incarceration, but he never supported it, and always treated the seven children with respect and affection. Pogo defecting from the Sparrow Academy could mean Sir Reginald’s new team are so morally despicable, so lacking in love, the chimp couldn’t stand living among them a second longer. Other details woven through The Umbrella Academy‘s season 3 trailer support this theory. The Sparrows are uptight, ruthless and regimental, lacking the Umbrellas’ human flaws. Trailer scenes also include long dystopian flags bearing Sparrow Academy members alongside slogans like “CRIME’S THE PROBLEM – WE ARE THE SOLUTION.” Everything points toward the Sparrows being authoritarian peacekeepers rather than proper superheroes, and perhaps Pogo wanted no part of that.

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Whatever his motivation may be, Pogo leaving the Sparrow Academy perfectly mirrors his original self. Before the Hargreeves kids ripped up the history books, Sir Reginald pushed every single child away until only Pogo remained. In the rewritten timeline of The Umbrella Academy season 3, the Sparrows all stand loyally by their father’s side, whereas Pogo is long gone. Maybe that’s why Five tracks Pogo down in this new timeline. The Umbrellas are at a major disadvantage against the Sparrows, so they need an ally who not only understands them, but hates Reginald’s new superheroes just as much as they do.

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While the Sparrow Academy’s villainy could definitely account for Pogo’s emancipation, another potential explanation can be found. Back in The Umbrella Academy season 2, Diego interfered with Sir Reginald and Grace’s relationship, and his accusations ultimately broke the couple up. Since Grace was akin to Pogo’s mother, perhaps Diego is the real reason Reginald and his chimpanzee child don’t get along in season 3.

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