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Cybershock: TD Idle & Merge is an action-packed tower defense-style puzzle action game set in the distant future. According to the plot of the game, you have to defend the metropolis of New Cyber ​​York from the advancing army of robots, led by the evil Red Emperor.

Your task is to stop the enemy on the outskirts of the city and prevent him from breaking through the defenses. Build defensive towers and destroy enemy troops with fire from all guns. Earn in-game currency and use it to build and upgrade new defensive structures. Shoot, freeze the enemy, pour acid and unleash all the power of combat vehicles on him.

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Cybershock: TD Idle & Merge Codes

Active Cybershock: TD Idle & Merge Codes List

Codes Expiration Date Total
gEyD4LrQuwc December 8, 2022 603
eNcQy48p1urj December 11, 2022 986
KvQCA2Gnwe December 13, 2022 490
bctvYDxrZsA November 15, 2022 156
03DhgJCM7O1 December 31, 2022 195

List of Cybershock: TD Idle & Merge VIP Codes November 13

How to Redeem Codes

  • Step 1: Click on ‘Avatar’ => ‘Settings’ => ‘Gift Code’.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code’ box and press ‘Confirm’ to receive the reward.

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Cybershock: TD Idle & Merge Redeem Code

All Cybershock: TD Idle & Merge Wiki

I love the game. But the game started offering the option to watch an ad to level up towers when there no available pairs to match. After watching the ad the game shuts down and doesn’t record progress. I would really like you to fix that. 01/02/2020 In addition to the above, the game gets stuck on level 385. Right after killing the boss it says “victory”. Then the victory goes away and it doesn’t move to the next level and all my currency disappears. Please fix it.

The worst Tower game that I have ever played. It is amazing but It doesn’t have any pause button. If you can not win one level you can not reset the level, you need to see an ad video to play the level again. The speed of game is very fast and you don’t know watch your towers or watch your box for updating. You don’t play a game, you watch lots of ad videos and between them you play a fun game.

Add-based game. You need to watch adds if you truly wish to make progress. It’s okay to watch an add when it’s optional, but if you don’t do it you get a short add every 5 minutes. Also if you want to get a boost from a bar that fills in time, first you have to watch a short add, and then a long 30 seconds without the option of using messenger or scrolling around while it passes. It requires a lot of grinding unless you start watching adds to attack faster, earn more rewards, or more turrets.

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Cybershock: TD Idle & Merge Wiki

Cybershock: TD Idle & Merge Tier List

– Fix bugs.


Name Cybershock : 2077 – TD Idle &
Version 1.2.5
Price FREE

4.3 (5631 ratings)
Category Codes
Update 13 November, 2022
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Nguồn: https://dangkynick.com
Danh mục: Code Game


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